Title: Silkworms
Description: Installation, silk, wire, carved text
Date made: November 2003

‘Silkworms’ is a site sensitive installation, developed from the contrast between a small rural woodland of silver birch trees, where I like to escape to, near my home in Newport Shropshire, and a study of the inner city area of Whitmore Reans in Wolverhampton. The textile ‘worms’ made from silk are suspended within the space as if they are floating. Across two sides of the room text is carved into the wall describing the life cycle of a silkworm. The use of silk relates to our historic relationship with nature, the making of silk goes back thousands or years. Cultivated silkworms have evolved to rely on humans for their survival. The work was shown in 2003 in the School of Art at The University of Wolverhampton as part of my MA Show, the building is in site of the area of Whitmore Reans.